Mr. Martin Chew, the Executive Vice President of Jotun A/S visited COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong

Mar 09, 2023

On March 9, Mr. Martin Chew, the Executive Vice President of Jotun A/S, and his delegation visited COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong, and held talks with Mr. Qian Weizhong, the President of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong and Mr. Wang Guorong, the Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong.


During the meeting, Mr. Martin Chew said that Jotun COSCO, a joint venture between Jotun A/S and COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong, has been established for nearly 18 years. The two sides have cooperated well over the years and Mr. Martin thanked COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong for its support to Jotun A/S. Mr. Qian Weizhong affirmed the cooperation between the two sides and Jotun COSCO's achievements. He hoped that the two sides would continue to give full play to their respective advantages and strengthen communication under the framework of the board of directors. The two sides also exchanged views on the green digital intelligence shipping service platform and discussed opportunities for cooperation.


Mr. Tunc Kazancioglu and Mr. Stian Fjeldskar, the Vice Presidents of Jotun A/S, Mr. Ferran Bueno, the General Manager of Northeast Asia region, and heads of Executive  Division and Operations Management Division of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong attended the meeting.