China Life Insurance (Overseas) visited COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong

Feb 10, 2023

On the afternoon of February 10th, Mr. Liu Yuejin, the Principal-in-Charge of China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited visited COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong. Mr. Zhu Jianhui, the chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong, Mr. Qian Weizhong, the president of COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong and other leaders of the company held meeting with Mr. Liu Yuejin and his team.


During the meeting, the two parties respectively introduced the development and business situation of the two companies, and conducted in-depth exchanges on strengthening communication, giving full play to the advantages of both companies, deepening cooperation, and providing service products and volunteer services.


Mr. Jiang Tao and Mr. Hu Qun, both the Vice President of China Life Insurance (Overseas), and Mr. Jia Guangchao, the Assistant to the president and the General manager of Human Resources Division attended the meeting.