Mr. Fu Gangfeng, Director of the Board,President of COSCO SHIPPING, and his entourage visited COSCO Kansai to deliver his guidance

Feb 11, 2022

On February 11 ,Mr. Fu Gangfeng ,Director of the Board, President and Deputy Party Secretary of COSCO SHIPPING and Mr. Feng Bo, Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING accompanied by Mr. Zhu Jianhui, Chairman and President of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong), visited COSCO Kansai Jinshan Factory for investigation and deliver their guidances.


Mr. Fu Gangfeng and his entourage inspected the factory environment, production workshop, RTO equipment and R&D center of COSCO Kansai Jinshan Factory. After COSCO Kansai reported its work progress, Mr Fu affirmed the company's achievements in recent years and believed that the company will have a bright future.


Mr. Fu Gangfeng advised that COSCO Kansai in order to success in a highly competitive environment, must fully understand the features and trends of the market and its competitors, make breakthroughs to enhance its competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development. In addition, Mr. Fu delivered his commands for the company to work on: improve quality and efficiency, provide high-quality products and services; build a modern enterprise, make efforts in technological innovation; improve its capabilities in digital service capabilities; improve production efficiency, intensify production and operation; do a good job in safety and environmental protection; strengthen the work of Party building and unleash its potential on Party leadership.


At the meeting, the leaders of the relevant departments of the Group provided guidance to COSCO Kansai from the perspective of the functions of their respective departments.


Relevant leaders of the group's Strategy & Corporate Management Division, Operating Management Division, Technology & Information Management Division, and Safety Supervision Division participated in the research. Relevant leaders of the Capital & Investment Operation Division and Finance & Accounting Division of COSCO SHIPPING(Hong Kong) and relevant leaders of COSCO Kansai participated in the research discussion.