About Us

COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Co., Limited “COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong)” is a wholly owned subsidiary and an important overseas regional headquarters and conglomerate of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (“COSCO SHIPPING”). It manages the subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Greece and the invested companies in Mainland China. The main businesses of COSCO SHIPPING(Hong Kong) include shipping services, expressways, information technology, industrial manufacturing, freight services, property management, etc., in which the businesses in Hong Kong have been operated for more than 60 years. COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) is now one of the large Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong.


On 7th February 2018, COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) and COSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, entered into the Management Services Master Agreement. It is agreed that the day to day business operations and management including administrative management and financial management of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) was passed to COSCO SHIPPING International to manage.


COSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.(“COSCO SHIPPING International” or the “Company”) (formerly known as “COSCO International Holdings Limited”) is a company listed on Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with the stock code of 00517.HK, while its business is principally engaged in the provision of integrated shipping services, comprising ship trading agency, marine insurance brokerage, supply of marine equipment and spare parts, production and sale of coatings as well as trading and supply of marine fuel and related products. Its businesses network cover China Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the United States, etc.