Company Information

Company Name

COSCO SHIPPING International(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Listing Information

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

Ordinary share

Stock code: 00517.HK

Listing Date

11th February 1992

Board of Directors

Excutive Directors

Mr. Zhu Changyu (Chairman and Managing Director)
Ms. Meng Xin


Non-executive Director

Mr. Chen Dong


Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Tsui Yiu Wa, Alec

Mr. Jiang, Simon X

Mr. Kwong Che Keung, Gordon

Company Secretary

Ms. Chiu Shui Suet

Independent Auditor


Legal Advisers

Woo Kwan Lee & Lo

Sit,Fung,Kwong & Shum

Conyers Dill & Pearman

Principal Bankers

Bank of China(Hong Kong) Limited

Industrial and Comercial Bank of China(Asia) Limited

Shanghai pudong Development Bank Company Limited

Agricultural Bank of China Limited

Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited

Principal Share Registrar and Transfer Office

Conyers Corporate Services(Bermuda) Limited

Clarendon House

2 Church Street

Hamilton HM 11


Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar and Transfer Office

Tricor Abacus Limited

17/F, Far East Finance Centre

16 Harcourt Road

Hong Kong

Registered Office

Clarendon House

2 Church Street

Hamilton HM 11


Head Office and Principal Place of Business

47th Floor, COSCO Tower
183 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong