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Mr. Wang Yuhang meets Mr. Odd Gleditsch d.y. from the Jotun Group

On November 22, Mr.Wang Yuhang, the Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING, met with Mr. Odd Gleditsch d.y., the Chairman of the Jotun Group and his delegation.

Both parties have reviewed and talked about the shipping businesses in general and the topics related to further strengthening cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Morten Fon, the CEO of Jotun, Mr. Geir Bøe, the Group Executive Vice President of Jotun, Mr. Liu Yifan, the General Manager of Technology & Information Management Division, COSCO SHIPPING, Mr. Zhu Jianhui, the President of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong), Mr. Liu Gang, the Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong), and Mr. Michael Shum, the General Manager of JCMC, etc., also attended the meeting.

Jotun COSCO Marine Coatings, a joint venture between COSCO SHIPPING International and Jotun A/S, is mainly engaged in the production and sale of marine coatings in Mainland China. Over the years, JCMC has achieved a leading position in the market and maintained very high market share. COSCO SHIPPING has long supported the business development of JCMC, with its HPS solution demonstrating excellent antifouling and fuel saving on various ships within the group.